Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


9 Months Ended
Aug. 31, 2018
Business Combinations [Abstract]  

Note 2 – Acquisition

On June 11, 2018, Cryo-Cell completed its acquisition of substantially all of the assets (the “Cord Purchase”) of Cord:Use Cord Blood Bank, Inc., a Florida corporation (“Cord:Use”), in accordance with the definitive Asset Purchase Agreement between Cryo-Cell and Cord:Use (the “Purchase Agreement”), including without limitation Cord:Use’s inventory of public cord blood units existing as of the closing date (the “Public Cord Blood Inventory”) and Cord:Use’s shares of common stock of Tianhe Stem Cell Biotechnologies, Inc., an Illinois corporation (the “Tianhe Capital Stock”). Cord:Use was in the business of public and private cord blood and tissue, collection, processing, storage and banking.

The aggregate consideration payable at closing under the Purchase Agreement was $14,000,000, with $10,500,000 paid in cash and the balance paid through the delivery to Seller of 465,426 shares of Cryo-Cell’s common stock, par value $0.01 per share (“Common Stock”), at $7.52 per share. In addition, Cryo-Cell assumed certain limited liabilities incurred by Cord:Use in connection with its business that were unpaid as of the closing date and that directly relate to the services to be provided after closing by Cryo-Cell. Cryo-Cell also assumed certain of Cord:Use’s contracts and the obligations arising therefrom after the closing.


Additionally, Cord:Use is entitled to an earnout from Cryo-Cell’s sale of the Public Cord Blood Inventory from and after closing. Each calendar year after the closing, Cryo-Cell shall pay to Cord:Use 75% of all gross revenues, net of any returns, received from the sale of public cord blood inventory in excess of $500,000. Such payments shall be made quarterly, within 30 days of the end of the last month of each calendar quarter, until the public cord blood inventory is exhausted. In addition, each calendar year after closing, until the public cord blood inventory is exhausted, for every $500,000 of retained gross revenues, net of any returns, received and retained by Cryo-Cell in excess of the initial $500,000 retained by Cryo-Cell during such year, Cryo-Cell shall deliver $200,000 worth of Cryo-Cell Common stock to Cord:Use, up to an aggregate value of $5,000,000. Cord:Use is also entitled to a portion of the gross profits generated, or deemed to have been generated, by Cryo-Cell from its ownership of the Tianhe Capital Stock.

The following summarizes the fair value of the consideration of the Acquisition:





   $ 10,500,000  

Cryo-Cell common stock


Cord blood inventory earnout






   $ 18,698,255  




The following summarizes the preliminary allocation of the total purchase price for the Acquisition:


Accounts receivable

   $ 121,454  



Prepaid expenses


Property and equipment


Other asset—Tiahne capital stock




Customer relationships





Total identifiable net assets acquired





Less: Deferred revenue











   $ 18,698,255  




The goodwill is attributable to the private and public cord blood banking business. Goodwill includes the fair value of the assembled workforce. The fair value of the assembled workforce was estimated by applying a cost approach, representing a level 2 measurement. It is anticipated that all of the goodwill recognized will be deductible for income tax purposes and is currently under evaluation.

The property and equipment are stated at an estimate of fair value.

The Tiahne capital stock is an investment that is valued based on fair value. Cord:Use had a supply and equity participation agreement with Tiahne who is engaged in medical and life science research that involves the use of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood units in clinical trials for humans.

The fair value of the company brand and customer relationships were estimated by applying an income approach, representing a level 3 measurement. The fair value estimates are based on (1) an assumed discount rate of 19%, (2) long-term sustainable growth rate of 3%, (3) market royalty rate of 1% and (4) one and thirty-year lives for the brand and customer relationships, respectively.

The fair values of the assets acquired includes public cord blood banking inventory of $16,037,957 which the Company expects to sell to outside customers. The Company also acquired accounts receivable of $121,454 and prepaid expenses of $68,867.


The fair values of the license agreement and customer relationships reflect the anticipated cash flows over their expected lives.

The fair value of deferred revenue is valued based on the cost method. Deferred revenues are pre-payment fees for future storage of umbilical cord blood and/or cord tissue specimens. The short and long term deferred revenue is $208,298 and $1,197,108, respectively.

Unaudited Pro forma Results

The following table provides the Company’s consolidated unaudited pro forma revenues, net income per basic and diluted common share had the results of the acquired businesses’ operations been included in its operations commencing on December 1, 2016, based on available information related to the respective operations. This proforma information is presented is not necessarily indicative either of the combined results of operations that actually would have been realized by the Company had the acquisition been consummated at the beginning of the period for which the pro forma information is presented, or of future results and does not account for any operation improvements to be made by the Company post-acquisition.


     Three months ended August 31,      Nine months ended August 31,  
     2018      2017      2018      2017  


   $ 7,871,222      $ 8,212,179      $ 22,794,591      $ 22,858,031  

Net income (loss)

   $ 244,984      ($ 83,925    ($ 3,797,189    ($ 594,359

Earnings (loss) per share:



   $ 0.03      ($ 0.01    ($ 0.52    ($ 0.08


   $ 0.03      ($ 0.01    ($ 0.52    ($ 0.08